LIghten7 develops further outdoor fun and introduces professional 4-band slingshot Reaper 400 (SS4VA) for hunting, leisure sport and gaming. Similar to our flashlight series, Reaper 400 is milled from aircraft grade aluminium alloy, with protective anodizing surface. It is extremely sturdy and durable.

2 major innovative feature crafts Reaper 400 to a high-end class slingshot. The movable joints at band lock aligns the rubber band in parallel at all time, this provides more convenient aim shooting at all angle. The central axis is rotatable to deliver fast action shooting and relieve the recoil force to the arm.

Reaper 400 attaches rubber band in ball lock mount, which is the easiest way to change the band.

Package includes the Reaper 400 slingshot, spare rubber band, steel and mud ammo.


  • • Professional 4-band slingshot for hunting, leisure sport and gaming
    • Aircraft grade Aluminium alloy body with protective anodizing coating
    • Precisely crafted by professional digital CNC machine
    • Simple clean cut design with extreme sturdy structure and light weight
    • Innovative 360 degree "Rotatable Bow Arm" by hidden smooth axis delivers more practical and convenient aim shooting
    • Ball lock mount for rubber band provides easy installation and dismount
    • Compact size and light weight for easy carry
  • • High quality rubber band with good elasticity and durable for thousand times use
  • • Bundled with extra rubber band, steel ammo and mud ammo



Model Reaper 400 SS4VA
Material 6061 Al alloy
Finishing Type II anodizing
Mount 4 * Ball lock
Color Silver
Bow arm Rotatable
Rubber band 1745
Accessory 2050 rubber band, 8mm steel ammo & mud ammo
Length 130mm
Arm width 70mm
Handle Diameter 29mm / length 92mm
Weight 220g


Reaper 400 slingshot with 1745 rubber band
Reaper 400 slingshot is crafted from Aluminium alloy with protective anodizing coating. It is very strong and resistant to corrosion and rusting

Ball lock mount for easy installation of rubber band. Movable joint aligns the rubber band in parallel to the front sight for aim shooting
Ball lock mount for easy installation of rubber band.
Central axis for rotatable bow is innovative design for quick action shooting and reduces the recoil force to your arm
4-band in ball lock slingshot
Bottom cap






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