Lighten7 EC15A Outdoor Emergency Charger adopts 3pcs of AA batteries to deliver emergency power for your iPhone, smartphones and music players.
EC15A supports both one time and rechargeable AA batteries. It is suitable for most of the 5V devices with output 600mA. There is also a LED light to deliver emergency illumination.
EC15A delivers a convenient way to backup your mobile device. Common AA battery can be easily acquired or to use environmental friendly rechargeable battery. With high capacity batteries, EC15A can almost fully charge your smartphone.


  • • Simple solution for emergency power backup of mobile devices
    • Adopt 3pcs of common AA batteries, rechargeable battery is also supported
    • With good capacity batteries, usual smartphone can be almost fully charged
    • Output at 600mA provides quick charging time
    • LED light for emergency illumination
    • High quality ABS material, sturdy and light weight for easy carry
    • Bundle includes 3 x Energezier AA battery, micro USB cable for most of the smartphone and optional Apple 30pin adapter for iPhone.

Charging reference

  • (Based on Samsung smartphone ~1,500mAh battery)
    Energizer 1.5V Alkaline
    Duracell 1.5V Alkaline
    Sanyo Eneloop 1.2V 2000mAh Ni-Mh rechargeable
    Sanyo Eneloop XX 1.2V 2500mAh Ni-Mh rechargeable

    *Charging performance may vary due to different battery batch and supply.
    Testing result is for reference only.


Battery use 3 x AA batteries (LR6/HR6)
Input DC 3.6-4.5V
Output DC max. 5V 600mA
LED Low power LED
Material ABS
Color Black
Dimension 85 x 35 x 22mm
Weight 33g
Bundle1 3 x Energizer AA batteries
Bundle2 MicroUSB to USB cable
Optional Apple 30pin adapter
Optional Other battery type

Product shots

Lighten7 EC15A Outdoor Emergency charger with packaging
EC15A Outdoor Emergency charger
Supports 3 x AA batteries, one-time or rechargeable
LED build-in for emergency lighting requirment
Micro-USB cable (15cm)
Optional Apple 30pin adapter

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