Lighten7 Conve A1A XP-G2 is the new 2nd version with LED upgrade to Cree XP-G2 R5, 1A cool white bin. With enhanced circuit design, it improves the operation efficiency to deliver higher output and prolonged runtime under the same setting. Conve A1A adopts 1 x AA battery and delivers continuous illumination for 1.5 hours at high output 160 lumens.. To enhance the durability, aircraft graded aluminum alloy is selected with military type III hard anodized finishing. New developed light texture reflector balances output beam throw and spread with minimum loss. Conve A1A is ideal for all kind of daily usage and everyday carry.


  • • LED upgraded to CREE XP-G2 R5 1A cool white
    • Max. output at 160 lumens with max. runtime over 18 hours
    • Operated by single AA battery, rechargeable battery is also supported
    • Aerospace class aluminum alloy with military grade type III hard anodized body
    • 3 digitally controlled brightness outputs, strobe and slow flash
    • Light textured reflector to balance beam throw and spread
    • Detachable body clip and holster for easy carry
    • Built-in battery protection circuit to deliver maximum safety
    • Handy and compact design for easy handling and carry

Beam shots

LED High output at 160 lumens
(1.5 hours)
Mid utput at 80lumens
(3 hours)
Low output at 15 lumens
(80 hours)
Left = XP-G2, Right = XPG


LED Cree XP-G2 R5 1A cool white
Output and Runtime*
100% High - 160 lumens (1.5 hour)
50% Medium - 80 lumens (3 hours)
5% Low - 15 lumens (18 hours)
Strobe, Slow flash
Output range Up to 80m
Battery type 1 x AA (Primary and rechargeable)
Operating voltage 0.9V – 1.8V
Material 6N01 aerospace class aluminum alloy
Finishing Type III hard anodized
Color Matt Black
Reflector Light textured surface
Water resistance IP68 standard
Dimension Length 94mm
  Bezel Φ21mm
  Body Φ21mm
Weight 50g w/o battery
Accessory Holster x 1, Lanyard x 1, O-ring x 1, Belt clip x 1

* The output and runtime varies according to battery adopted.

Product shots

LED Cree XP-G2-R5 1A cool white LED with light textured reflector
Military spec type III anodized finishing with large scale of heatsink for heat radiation





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